It's More Fun in Lake Sebu

General Information


No. of Barangays: 19
Income Classification: 1st Class
Location: Southwestern part of the South Cotabato Province

Lowest Point: 450 M
Highest Point: 1, 972 M

Land Area: 89, 138 ha.

Land Use
Built – Up: 466 ha.
Agriculture: 22, 492 ha.
Pasture: 9, 130 ha.
Forest: 54, 902 ha.
Misc. 2, 148 ha.

Ethnic Groups
Illongo:  32%
T’boli/Ethnic Tribes: 58%
Maguindanaoan: 2%
Cebuano: 6%
Others: 2%

Major Industry: Farming, Inland farming – cottage industries/rattan furniture
Major Product: Rice, Corn, Tilapia, Forest Products, Handicrafts

Date of Creation: November 11, 1982 through Batas Pambansa Blg. 249
Functional Role to the Province: Eco – Cultural Tourism Center

Geographical Location

Lake Sebu is located at the southwestern of the province of South Cotabato. It is approximately 40 kilometers away from Koronadal City, the capital town of the Province of South Cotabato. Lake Sebu is approximately six (6) hours away from Cotabato City, the Regional Center of Region XII.

Climate and Rainfall

The climate of Lake Sebu belongs to the fourth type where rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year.

Lake Sebu’s temperature is comparable to Tagaytay City which temperature range is between 20ºC to 25ºC. The dry season usually falls during the month of March to April. Significantly, however, shower usually occurs during afternoon between month of February and May.

AREAS: 452 (in hectares)
Lake Sebu - 356
Lake Lahit - 24
Lake Seloton - 48
Bacdulong (Sebu Udi) - 24

Source: MPDC – Lake Sebu, South Cotabato